Discover the One Trade A Week Method

Think it's hard to learn how to trade forex? Confused about where to start? Ready to gain a consistent stream of income by taking 1-2 trades a week? 

why work with us?

Over 200+ Successful Traders and Still Counting

Strategy & Research

We take back-testing seriously! In fact, we've taken it back... waaay way back to the first year retail traders could trade currency... so, we know what's up.

Tools & Techniques

Yup, we use a few tools to amplify our techniques. Anyone who says they don't use at least one tool... is, well, a tool.

X-Marks the Spot!

Bull's eye trading is what we're about. Get in and get the hell outta the market! Sometimes trades take a few days to work out but we've always been on the money.

about us

We use our experience to create your success

Success doesn't come overnight. It takes diligent effort and time to ramp up into the kick a$s trader you're born to become. When I started trading forex, I was TERRIBLE! I bobbed when I needed to weave... I jumped when I needed to stay put. I wasn't a good steward with money and the markets had me for lunch. I share this to let you that I've been where you are today. 

I understand the frustration of having a desire to master a skill only to fall flat on your face or have a pit in your chest because your savings vanished right before your eyes. That's rough.

I'm here to share with you a few tricks of the trade that have allowed me the opportunity to share my unbelievable story of going from a trading tenderfoot to a trading tyrant. I want to guide you step-by-step and cut out some of the landmines and obstacle courses I went through.

I welcome you and wish you well on your exciting journey. I'm here for you every step of the way... leaving no trader behind!

What to Expect with Your "ZERO PRESSURE" Consult

In just 30 minutes, you'll get...

  • Direct feedback on what not working with your trading
  • Clarity on your goals, and how to reach them with the Momentum Method
  • Experience with my coaching style to see if I'm the right fit for you
  • Answers to your biggest questions so you can make confident decisions


  • High pressure sales tactics
  • No strings attached. "I'm not interested" is an acceptable answer...

Take the first step to becoming a more confident, consistent & profitable Trader


Discover how we make a difference

We teach you exactly what you need to know. Do you need all of the back history of currencies and the names of every person at the Federal Reserve? Do you? If so, this ain't the place for you. C-ya! 

If you want the down and dirty methods to get you from loosing trades to knowing what to look for, when and how to get results, welcome home fam! I look forward to our chat. So, click Schedule Your Call now... it's free and show you how to transform your trading!

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