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Think it's hard to learn how to trade forex? Confused about where to start? Ready watch us grow a small account using our predictable trading methods? 

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The basis for consistency are founded upon research and analysis. That's what we do.

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Yup, we use a few tools to amplify our techniques. Anyone who says they don't use at least one tool... is, well, a tool.

X-Marks the Spot!

Bull's eye trading is what we're about  Sometimes we allow a few days for a setup to work out.

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YouTube is Crowded with Gurus... Nothing is for sale here.

If you've spent anytime on YouTube you've seen tons of Forex trainers showing you how quickly they've grown their accounts. I aspired to be like them once and wondered how did they get started? What was it like transitioning from their previous careers to life as professional traders? How long did it take and did they start a live account with a small amount or drop five to six figures into it and grow it from there?

This site is for you if you also want answers to those questions. I offer you full transparency... the good and the not so good. I'm taking a modest account of $200 and tracking its growth weekly. Why? Enter and Exit Trades aims to inspire you to start your own journey... not to be a YouTube star (but you could) and also to gain financial independence. 

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